'Get the right people on the bus.'


At the heart of what we do is the belief that, along with great design and meticulous planning,  working with the right people  is a vital ingredient in a successful project.  The key ingredients I look for when considering contractors are:

We work with a core team of specialists, building long term relationships.

We are constantly looking to improve the ways in which we work.


We will discuss your ideas and together develop initial designs for the project.  Our architects will offer their suggestions/refinements and draw up floor plans and elevations for your approval and (if required) submit the planning application.  

Project Management

Our project managers are all Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner qualified.

A detailed specification of works is produced along with the designs, construction drawings and a detailed costing of the work.  

The project budget and timeline ensure that the project is progressing as it should.


Work on site is co-ordinated to ensure everything is running smoothly and in accordance with the designs and specification.  

Or, at least that's the theory; on site problems can and will crop up - deliveries will be late or wrong,  what looked good on paper just doesn't quite work on site, and of course mistakes do happen!  Building work is inherently unpredictable as we are dealing with old buildings and some problems only reveal themselves when we start work...

We have a standard procedure for dealing with anything that hasn't gone quite according to plan - understand what's happened, discuss to work out the best solution and implement (learning, of course, any lessons we can from what's happened).  If the client needs to be informed we always come with a clear understanding of the problem as well as a recommended solution so that the client can make an informed decision.